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With our award-winning film, The Vow From Hiroshima, we are reaching out to people who live in the United States where the issue of nuclear weapons is seldom taught and rarely discussed. The film will air on PBS nationwide, starting in the Spring of 2024. Takeuchi plans to do a tour of in-person and online community-impact film screenings creating the opportunity to open conversations with the filmmakers, experts, citizens, and youth.


The tour will be going to Red & Purple States and areas impacted by uranium mining and the development and manufacturing of nuclear weapons. 

Please support this work via From Hiroshima to The Heartlands Fund.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Message from Mitchie Takeuchi

Producer, The Vow From Hiroshima


-Increase positive awareness and community conversation

-Activate local decision-makers through in-person screenings

-Promote PBS broadcast of the film starting from the spring 2024

-Understanding the nuclear impact on people, animals, lands and water

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